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Indonesia has variety of delicious cuisines and the most popular dishes come from Bali, Java and Sumatra. The Kailasha Restaurant offers Indonesia's authentic and best cuisines by fining touch of our local chef.

A Healthy Fusion
Create our best health and taking care of our body to raise energies. To be able to connect with the higher energies and dimensions, treat our body as well as we can and feed it with healthy and highest quality food. The Kailasha Restaurant offers very well variety of healthy fusion foods, whether raw or cooked with preferably local.

Kailasha Restaurant Menu

Prawn Avocado Salad & Crispy Wonton
Organic letture salad with tomato salad

Lawar Gedang Ajak Udang
Gangga style green papaya salad serve with prawns

Indonesian Gado - Gado
Steam vegetable and soya cake with peanut sauce (V)

Balinese Duck Doodle Soup
Roasted duck slice ,yellow noodles in fragrant broth lemon grass flavor

Potato & Leek Soup
Serve with bacon and garlic bread

Lemongrass Cream Tomato Soup (V)
Roasted tomato soup ,with basil and olive oil , serve with garlic bread

Penne Putanesca
Dices onion dice red & green capsicum , tomato, olive ,tomato sauce

Pad Thai
Stir fried plat rice noodles with seafood, vegetable and tamarind sauce chop cashew nuts

Spaghetti or Fettuccini Meat Ball
With veal meat ball on top with tomato sauce

Smoked Salmon Bagel
Smoked salmon , dill crème cheese onion capers on bagel

Puri's Classic Club Sandwiches
Chicken, bacon, egg, cheese, organic lettuce with fries

Monster Roll
Baguette with butter ,chicken meat loaf mustard and gherkin ,tomato, lettuce

Serombotan Klungkung (V)
Roasted duck slice ,yellow noodles in fragrant broth lemon grass flavor

Soup Buntut
Traditional oxtail beef soup lemongrass flavor ,Indonesian style.

Sate Lontong Balap
Our signature menu combine rice cake, chicken sate, fried bean cake ,vermicelli , And yellow spices sauce.

Sebatu Kare Ayam
Chicken curry ala sebatu village serve with steam rice

Udang Goreng Balado
fried of king prawn in chili sauce coconut cream ,kemangi leaf, eggplant , with steam rice

Rendang Padang
spiced beef cooked in a coconut milk gravy padang curry specialty served with potato


Tofu & Eggplant Parmaciana
Breaded ala Italian style tomato cheese & pesto sauce

Kailasha Vegetable Curry with Tofu
With yellow curry and local vegetable coconut milk sauce

Cah Sayur ala Sebatu
stir fry vegetable , carrot , mushroom, bok coy, green peas , onion, cabbage , serve with rice

Bebek Betutu
Traditional Balinese Smoked Duck serve ares bali and satay lilit

Babi Guling
Balinese style homemade roasting suckling pig


Charlie Chicken Soup
with Chicken Broth and Dices Vegetables

Scooby Doo
grill sausage, tomato, lettuce, bread, bun and fries

breaded Chicken breast tomato sauce and fries

Iga Bakar
Grilled pork rib With Homemade Barbeque sauce

Mix Grill Seafood
Prawn, snapper, calamari with chili sambal

Grill Jumbo Prawn
with garlic butter sauce

Chocolate Mousse
With double creamy soft dark chocolate

Apple Pie
served with selection of ice cream

Almond Brownies
Puri style brownie serve with vanilla ice cream

Continental Breakfast
or apple Bircher muesli. Basket of freshly baked pastries 3 bread ..

American Breakfast
Basket of Freshly baked pastries & bread, homemade jam honey Egg any style, omelet ..

Indonesian Breakfast
Dadar Gulung Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng Coffee or Tea or hot chocolate ..

Menu Paket Ikan
Ikan bumbu balado ( Borneo style grill fish ,marinated with chili flakes and tomato ..

Menu Paket Ayam
Ayam woku serundeng , grilled marinated chicken with green chili , and crispy coconut grated ..

Menu Paket Bebek
Bebek goreng crispy duck with chili tamarind deglazed Cah jamur ..

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